For most mothers, the amount of milk produced is enough to satisfy their child. However, what happens when the supply becomes lower than what your little bundle of joy needs? We offer that solution by recommending certain organic foods that will make a positive change.

Here are a few organic foods to build up milk supply:


Fenugreek is a well-known galactagogue meaning that it stimulates the production and ejection of milk from the mammary glands. Most are not aware that the breast is but a modified sweat gland which will immensely benefit from this herb. It can be combined with most foods in the home and will increase the amount of milk produced between 24 and 72 hours afterwards. It has been used in many breastfeeding supplements and will provide a lot of benefits for the mum and child.


Another very useful galactagogue is the fennel vegetable. It is a vegetable in the carrot family and has been in use for many years owing to its ability to increase the milk production by a significant amount. While it can be found in supplements meant to aid in the breastfeeding process, fennel can be cooked and eaten on its own with even better results. It can also be eaten raw as a salad or roasted as desired.


All common lactation cookies contain oats. For a long time now, oats have been playing an important role in aiding the process of milk production in human beings. Oats contain a high level of iron which is instrumental in the production of milk. Therefore, one can include oats in their diet in the way they want it. For most people, including them in their breakfast on a consistent basis will significantly increase the amount of milk they produce for the baby.


Research has proven that having low levels of iron in the body is the reason many mums cannot produce enough milk for their young ones. Therefore, eating foods that are rich in iron such as spinach serves to replenish the level of iron in the body. Most leafy greens are rich in iron and should be consumed on a daily basis by a lactating mother since they have long-term effects. Even when not breastfeeding, iron is good for the body as it aids in blood production.

Brewer’s Yeast

Having brewer’s yeast in whatever form will improve the health of the mother in many ways. First, it will boost the production of milk significantly. Secondly, it will boost their energy levels due to the abundance of B vitamins.  In addition, these B vitamins will help produce more energy in the body. One should be cautious in using this remedy and never use it while drinking alcohol.

All the foods detailed here are available in the local grocery stores and come cheap. The best part is that they are all organic and will require little in terms of usage from the user. Their benefits have been proven by scientists hence reliable.

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