When you are in suspicion of low breast milk supply, you should consider having foods that increase your milk production to ensure that the baby has enough milk to grow up healthy. There are many foods in regard but choosing the organic ones will have other benefits including keeping chemicals at bay.


Salmon has a lot essential fatty acids (EFA) and Omega-3 to make it very nutritious especially for lactating mothers. Not only that, the milk produced by a mother who has fed on salmon has been confirmed to be healthier than that of other mothers. The benefits of salmon, therefore, are wide in reach and enough to have the fish in the daily diet.


Carrots and other plants in the same family will do wonders for lactating mothers. First of all, the vitamin A in the carrots boosts the breastfeeding process besides improving the quality of the milk from the mother. Carrots are among the cheapest items to find and, for this reason, you have no excuse not to have them.

Bottle Gourd

Although some people do not favor bottle gourd, it has many qualities that will increase the amount of milk produced by a great extent. It has a lot of water which will go a long way in keeping the mother hydrated. It also improves lactation and the quality of the milk produced by the mother.


Most homes use garlic in various forms to boost their health. In a similar manner, garlic is used in the improvement of lactation in the lactating mothers and prevention of cancer. Garlic has many benefits in the body including the prevention of diseases which ensures that the mother is able to take care of their child well.

Basil Leaves

The high level of anti-oxidants in basil leaves makes them instrumental in the production of milk and the relaxation of the mother. Unknown to many people is the fact that having a relaxed mood will go a long way in helping the child enjoy the milk as opposed to having a tense mother. Basil leaves and sprigs can be included in the tea to improve the health of a lactating mother.


Chickpea has a lot of proteins and lactation-boosting properties that including it in the mother’s diet does wonders in her lactation capabilities. Garbanzo has fiber, calcium and many vitamin B types that make it great for the whole body. It can be used in various forms such as vegetables or mixed with other foods to make a dish of one’s choosing.

Brown Rice

If you have already been eating brown rice, you must know of its benefits. Brown rice has chemicals that will help do away with mood swings and improve the quality of sleep of the mother. It also increases the mother’s appetite and contains hormones which will stimulate lactation. Rather than feeding on white rice, focus on taking brown rice as it has more benefits for the body.

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