If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you probably worry if you’re producing enough breast milk to sufficiently feed your little one. However, if you’re not, you’re probably looking for how to increase milk supply tips. Here are some tips on how to keep that milk flowing and make your breastfeeding experience go smoothly.

  1. Keep nursing

Every time your little one suckles at your breasts, it sends a message to your brain to tell your body to keep making more milk. Even during growth spurts, you can be sure your baby is still getting plenty of milk because your brain is passing the message along to your body to keep producing it. Don’t fall into the trap of supplementing with formula. Your body can definitely keep up with the demand, even if you might feel like all you’re doing is nursing all the time.

  1. Pump it up

You can also use a pump immediately after nursing. It will help to increase your breast milk supply and you’ll have a handy stash of breast milk for those times when you won’t be around your baby.

  1. Make sure you’ve got a good latch

A proper latch from baby onto your breast is essential for the communication process between your body and your brain to produce more breast milk. If you’re having problems with milk production, this is likely the source of the problem. If you need help correcting it, consult a lactation consult to get you and baby back on track.

  1. Offer both breasts during each feeding

It’s important that your baby nurses from both of your breasts every time she nurses. Switch sides to stimulate both breasts into producing more milk.

  1. Don’t offer a pacifier

There will be plenty of time for pacifiers to soothe your baby later on. In the early stages, getting your baby to suck on your breasts is critical to keeping your milk supply up. Don’t muck things up by offering something else to suck on.

  1. Try some oatmeal

They say oatmeal is outstanding for milk production. While that’s still being proven, it can’t hurt to gobble some up. It’s nutritious and getting proper nutrition is important for passing along nutrients to your baby through your milk.

  1. Make sure your bra isn’t too tight

Check your bras to make sure they fit properly. If they’re squeezing you in all the wrong places, they can constrict the flow of your milk out of your breasts. Plus, it’s a good excuse to go shopping.

  1. Consult a lactation consultant

If you need help breastfeeding, get in touch with a lactation consultant. She can help make sure you’re getting a proper latch and doing everything necessary to get your milk flowing.

In conclusion, when you follow the above tips, you will no longer need to ask how to increase breast milk. Instead, by following the above-mentioned tips, your milk supply and your baby flourish!




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