If you ask others whether mature breastfeeding (after one year of age) is a good idea, the answer will vary. But, who’s right? To be honest, both. Whether or not you should stop mature breastfeeding depends on your unique circumstances and comfort level. 

In fact, there is no real age or specific date that a woman and child should move off the breast and onto a bottle or cup. The decision depends entirely on the child and mom. And, if both are comfortable with breastfeeding at an older age, then they should go for it! Many moms feel criticized for breastfeeding for longer than a year. However, in many places all over the world, long-term mature breastfeeding is very common, and weaning happens casually. Nevertheless, in America, things are quite different. Many women are ridiculed for mature breastfeeding every single day.

Women’s Breasts as Sexual Objects

In some instances, many people criticize extended breastfeeding because they see womens’ breasts as sexual objects.  Biologically, women lactate for a reason and breasts provide nourishment to their babies.  So is it right for the stigma and harsh behavior of others to prevent a mom from making this choice? Absolutely not! A mom and child who feel that mature breastfeeding works for them should continue to do so until one or both decides to wean.

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