How to Stop Breast Pumping – 3 ways to end the pumping process 

Whether you’re looking to decrease your milk supply or wean your baby off breast milk, if you’re pumping, you’ll need to stop eventually. When you’re ready to do so, you must remember that this should be a gradual process and never should be done abruptly. By doing it the slow and steady way, you’ll keep yourself from having engorged breasts and feelings of discomfort. Here are 3 ways you can start stopping the pumping process.

  1. Get rid of one pumping session at a time

To do this right, you’ll need to cut out one session of pumping every three days or so. During the remaining sessions, you can decrease the amount of time you pump. Ultimately, your comfort will dictate what is best. So if you still feel fullness in your breasts when you’re stopping a session, try decreasing the amount of time or volume that you pump before ridding yourself of that session altogether.

  1. Gradually decrease the pumping time for each session simultaneously

Another way many women find effective to stopping the pumping process is to simply reduce the time spent pumping at every single session. For example, you’d cut off 3 minutes from each session on every other day. Again, it depends on how your body responds. If you find that your body adapts well to this change, you can decrease by more time, but if not, you may need to take things more slowly.

  1. Increase the length of time between each session

If the other 2 methods for ceasing breast pumping don’t go well for you, you can always try to increase the amount of time between your pumping sessions. Like the other 2 ways, you should let how your body feels dictate what you do. Let’s say you pump every 4 hours. To increase the length of time, try adding 30 more minutes to that time for 3 days. If all goes well, you can keep increasing the time increments until you’re no longer pumping.

When it comes to stopping the pumping process, slow and steady is the ultimate key for your success. Because every woman is different, this process may go more quickly for some while much slower for others. Some women have no difficulties and experience no discomfort during this time while others will find their breasts and tender and sore.


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