Until children wean, breastfeeding is often a time when the mother–child bond is strengthened.  Children require love and attention to grow and develop properly.  During the weaning process, it is important that you work toward continuing to create a sense of love and attachment with your toddler.


You can create an environment that encourages bonding in many ways.  One way to do so is by playing with your toddler.  Children love activities that involve interaction.  It not only helps them develop their motor and cognitive skills, but it also helps them feel safe and secure in the arms of their caregiver.


Play Ideas for Improving the Mother–Child Bond

There are many different play activities you can engage in that will successfully improve the bond you share with your baby.  Most of these pursuits should involve some form of communication with your toddler.


Bonding Games to Play with Your Weaning Toddler:


  • Playing games where you are in close contact with your baby, such as airplane games
  • Reading with your toddler in your lap
  • Playing peek a boo
  • Playing games like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Patty Cake” that encourage interaction
  • Bath play. Many toddlers love the water, so take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere and play with your child while in the bathtub.


Most children learn through play.  Play provides a creative atmosphere in which children use their imagination and bodies to learn more about the world around them. At the same time, they learn about social interaction and even their own independence.  Encourage your toddler to engage in playful activities throughout the day.  You’ll find this strategy strengthens the bond between the two of you and helps you grow together in the process.  Your child will trust you and will form a new connection with you through each stage of development.



Kristi Patrice Carter is the loving mother of two beautiful children and an experienced writer and e-business owner. Her parenting articles have been featured in numerous magazines, e-zines, and websites. Kristi’s newest parenting e-book, Wean that Kid (www.weanthatkid.com), intersperses her own weaning experiences with those of other moms. It yields an unbiased guide that is filled with useful tips and techniques for mothers who want to wean their children according to their child’s individuality and unique temperaments, without experiencing guilt over the decision.

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