Nursing your baby can be one of the most cherished experiences for a mother. It nourishes the child and also strengthens the bond between the mother and the child. But after a point of time, the mother has to progress onto the process of weaning the baby – which can be a big emotional step for both the mother and the child. The first stage of weaning is always the most difficult one. If you’ve surpassed that, you’re now at the second stage where your baby has now been introduced to solid foods. The stage 2 weaning usually happens when the child is around 6 to 9 months old.  Given below are some tips to help you go through it.

Gradually increase solid intakes

Now that your baby is in the 2nd stage of the weaning process, you can start increasing the amount of solid foods your baby has daily. Your baby should be having 3 meals a day by now. Limit the meal to 2 to 4 tablespoons.

Opt for lumpy consistencies

Stage 2 weaning is the time for you to introduce solid food which has been mashed or minced into slightly lumpy consistency. Make sure you include foods of different textures as well.  This will help your baby learn to chew the food better.

Broaden the menu

In this stage, include foods from every food category – right from vegetables, fruits, fishes, meats to pasta/bread, cheese, yogurt and even well cooked eggs. This will also help them develop a taste for different foods, since at this stage their taste- buds become quite active.

Choose the fluids

At this stage, water is the best fluid for your child. Milk should also be an important part of the diet (even though the amount will be much reduced) – be it formula milk or your breast milk – which your baby will need amounting to around 600ml a day. Do not include fruit juices into their diet yet. If you wish to, make sure you dilute them well with water beforehand. Juices should be an occasional fluid.

Use sippy cups for fluids

In this stage, when you’re feeding fluids to your child, it is recommend to use a sippy cups, preferably the ones with handles which your child can hold on to. Lidded cups are also a good option.

Stay patient throughout this stage. Weaning is more of a trial and error method and every child goes through it differently and at their own pace!





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