Weaning can often go smoothly, but sometimes a mother finds herself faced with bumps in the road. If your toddler is resisting weaning and causing you a great deal of distress, there are several things you can do to help ameliorate the situation and encourage a happy weaning process.

First and foremost, you should consider why your toddler might be resisting. Weaning is a special time for mothers and their children, during which a safe and happy bond is formed. Most toddlers that resist weaning do so because they cherish the one-on-one time they have with you. You can minimize the distress they are feeling by ensuring that you are spending enough one-on-one time with them, during which you are engaged in other activities that are not centered around weaning.

Try taking some time during the day to sit with your toddler and hug and cuddle him/her. Consider reading together or participating in a special activity where just the two of you are involved. You might make some collages together or bake a special treat.

Your toddler may also be resisting because things are moving too quickly. If this is the case, you might need to slow the pace a bit. The following tips might help alleviate some of the resistance you are facing during the weaning process:

  • Change your routine. If you normally breastfeed in a certain chair, start breastfeeding somewhere else. Your toddler will be distracted.
  • End each feeding a couple of minutes early and preoccupy your toddler with some other activity.
  • Avoid exposing your breasts to your toddler when not breastfeeding. For some children, merely the sight of the breast can trigger a resistance to weaning.
  • Cut out only one feeding at a time, starting with the shortest or least important one of the day.

Remember that for centuries, mothers have successfully weaned their children without excessive guilt or problems, and you can too! Take special care to read your toddler’s signs and you’ll figure out the best way not only to progress but also to ensure a smooth weaning process.


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